Theme Fragrance Review – Best Indie Fragrances Part II

Department store fragrances are all well and good. I love them since I love all types of good perfumes. But, honestly, I feel that indie fragrances are much more special because they make me feel like I don’t smell exactly the same as thousands, or possibly even *millions* of people.

So here is my second review of indie perfumes.

Theme Fragrance Review

I bought this from their old Etsy store but they now have a new website of their own at

This review is not sponsored. I have not been paid to review. I have also not received any free or discounted items from Theme Fragrance in return for a review. 😀

theme perfume

I’ve had both hits and misses before from indie perfumes so this time I decided to stick with something very easy to like – a sweet vanilla macaron perfume. It’s named Amuse.

The scent is sweet but not overpowering. It’s light and sweet. It’s great for hot, sweaty summers when I need something to that smells cool and sweet.

Link to product –

Not much more to say here, I mean the scent isn’t too complicated. It’s just a sweet, gourmand fragrance that is nice to wear.

It seems that all Theme Fragrance items are shipped with a free item. I didn’t even know that was included. Anyway, since I already said I didn’t receive free items for this review, I will not be reviewing that free item (Go Go Soiree perfume roll-on). Also, I can’t review it because when I took it out of the box, a family member saw it and swiped it with my permission.

By the way, from being a small Etsy seller to having their own website, and being featured in various magazines, Theme Fragrance is becoming more and more successful. They are also selling on Amazon now. Here’s the link to Amuse Perfume Oil on Amazon – (this is not an affiliate or referral link).

This post is the second of a series. The first one is Alkemia Perfumes Review – Best Indie Fragrances Part I


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