The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary Review

Out of all the games I have installed on my PC, the one I play the most is undoubtedly The Settlers 2. I have the 10th Anniversary edition which has improved graphics.

Here is a video about the gameplay.

I love when the little men (I think it’s always men, they don’t seem to have any females but I could be wrong) are all over the place doing all the tasks that I have given them.

The game starts off with just one village and the goal is to build your empire from there. Obviously, what the player builds is limited by the resources available to him/her which means that the first order of business is to gather raw materials. Once those are available, then the raw materials can be refined into tools and such.

While you are doing this, the AI player is also building an empire and as you start expanding your territory, clashes between your settlers and theirs are inevitable. If the AI wins a territory fight then they take over your buildings and your people are conquered, therefore they all begin working for the enemy. Noooooo!

The trick is to win all of the fights and eventually take over the entire map. I enjoy doing that because it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction when I have control off the entire land.