Elixir of the Rapid Mind

Elixir of the Rapid Mind is an item used in World of Warcraft. The effect is that it increases experience gain.

If it was available in real life, it would be an item that helps a person learn things faster. It would be great for school, learning a second language, or any other learning. If I had one, I would use it to learn Spanish.

coffee elixir

Coffee is like a real life Elixir of the Rapid Mind. Caffeine is one of the oldest brain enhancers around.

Did you know that there are real life substances that allegedly work like an Elixir of the Rapid Mind? Just recently I came across the concept of Nootropics, “substances that improve cognitive function.” Wow, sounds good, right? Well, a lot of Nootropics are just regular foods like coffee (yeah, it really does help me concentrate!), green tea (I haven’t noticed any effect), pure dark chocolate (it’s super expensive to use the really high quality stuff), etc. There are also food supplements but I haven’t tried those. I prefer to stick with just food/drinks that improve brain function.