Hakone Japan Souvenirs – Delicious Cookies

Hakone, Japan is a popular tourist place. I didn’t go there myself but I was lucky enough to receive this box of four kinds of cookies as a gift from a relative who was recently in Hakone.

Hakone Japan Souvenir

hakone japan souvenirs

This is what it looks like. The box is quite large and pretty nice. The four kinds of cookie flavors are chocolate, strawberry, green tea (matcha), and I think either vanilla or plain butter/sugar.
hakone souvenirs
Sorry for the blurry pic. Anyway, this is just to show what it looks like inside the box.

As you can see there are four rows, one for each type of cookie, and there are only three cookies for each flavor, for a total of 12 cookies inside.

They are individually wrapped. This is good for sharing, especially with kids since… well, you know they can be less than hygienic sometimes.

*cough*  Understatement! *cough*

The chocolate ones ran out first then the plain ones, then the strawberry. In my family no one but me wanted to eat the matcha cookies. Oh well, more for me!

Hakone Japan Souvenirs – Delicious Cookies

hakone japan souvenirs cookies

Here is a nice close-up of a strawberry cookie! As you can see, it is pink but just a light color. I like it. It also has little strawberry bits.

It’s yummy and tastes like strawberry but not intensely so.  It’s also not too sweet. I was not able to sample the chocolate or plan ones since the kids in my family grabbed them all. 😉 The matcha ones were not my type, actually. They weren’t horrible but I preferred the strawberry cookies.

All in all, I’d say they were pretty good and the kids were satisfied. The cookies are a nice treat to bring back home when you come back from Japan.

As far as I know these are not available except in Japan. I haven’t seen them in online stores or anywhere else. If you want to buy online, there is one store that I like to use – Candysan. They are in Japan and ship worldwide. Check out my Candysan review here.

Thank you for reading.


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