Cookie Bar – Cookie Cups Review

This weekend, since some younger people were going to visit me, I ordered some cookies from Cookie Bar ( Kids love cookies, right?

cookie bar review

Cookie Bar box

I got it from The box was pretty nice but what matters is what’s inside, right? What I ordered was a box of “cookie cups” which is a little bit different from the regular cookies that I normally like. Cookie cups are chocolate chip cookies with candy toppings like Milky Way, Snickers, Reese’s, Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers and Twix.

cookie cup review

A cookie cup

I actually only ate one because the cookies were for the kids. The one I got was really sweet, probably because of the candy topping (pictured above). The cookie part was soft and somewhat moist but nothing super spectacular. It tasted nice, exactly like a cookie with a candy bar on top of it. I would not recommend this for adults as it is too rich and sweet, unless you really have a craving for sweet stuff. However, the kids loved it and since it was for them, then it’s perfect, right?

The cookie cups are really something new to me. As a concept, it’s pretty cool. The other adults I showed it to thought it looked strange but they wanted to try it out so that’s good.

The box cost PHP 270 and had twelve mini cookie cups inside it. Since the box is nice and the price is not too expensive, it would make a nice gift. Cookie Bar also has a lot of other interesting things like fudge in a jar, giant cookies, cookie cakes, cookie shot glasses (for milk), red velvet cookies, and so forth. I might try out the dark chocolate cookies next time.

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