GOG.com review

I play quite a lot of PC games and my vendor of choice is not Steam but rather Gog.com. “Gog” is short for “good old games” and the website has tons of older games. The reason why I prefer Gog over the other sellers is that their games are all DRM-free.

The games I have on Gog are:

The Settlers II: Tenth Anniversary Edition (with improved graphics)
Celtic Kings: Rage of War
Fallout Classic, Fallout 2 Classic, Fallout Tactics Classic
Don’t Starve
Divine Divinity
Book of Unwritten Tales

Of those games, I play The Settlers II the most.

Gog is pretty easy to navigate and the website is uncluttered. Users can also create and share lists of the games they like. I often like to browse the user lists to find out what other people are playing.

Gog is my favorite because:

  • older games are cheaper than new ones, sometimes very cheap like below $10 cheap or even *gasp* less than $5
  • no DRM is a win for me, I hate when I buy a game and I can’t run it because the DRM makes my PC black screen all the time. I am looking at you, The Sims 3


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