Risa Chocolates review

Risa Chocolates is a brand of handcrafted chocolates that I had read about in several blogs. I ordered a set of chocolates from Marketa.ph where they sell Risa’s stuff. This was my first time to use Marketa and, to my surprise, I got my order very fast. Normally, when I order from Lazada or other online stores it takes them at least 3 business days to deliver. Marketa delivered within two calendar days.

Risa Chocolates review

This is the package that arrived. Teddy bear not included! That was just on my bed when I took the picture.

It arrived in a paper bag with a yellow gift tag, perfect if you want to give this as a gift. As I opened the package the items inside felt a bit warm. This is understandable since it was quite hot outside. I therefore put the chocolates inside the refrigerator before taking pictures and eating them.

Risa Chocolate Bars

Brown Butter Milk Chocolate and Coffee (Dark Chocolate)

Risa Chocolates review - my haul

Pastillas de Pili and a box of 6 pralines and truffles

This is what I got:

Brown Butter Milk Chocolate bar (P100)
Coffee (Dark Chocolate) bar (P100)
Pastillas de Pili bar (P200)
Half dozen truffle and praline box (P230)

This is a pretty big haul, enough for a one month supply of chocolates. Sadly, when I read the box and it said that chocolates are best eaten immediately. Noooooo! What about my diet? So, I will just have to share the chocolates.

I guess since they are handmade and fresh, they don’t have preservatives so they are different from brands I can buy from the store that last for months.

Risa Chocolates Half Dozen truffle and praline box

Closeup of what the chocolates look like

The box has assorted chocolates. The flavors were tipsy calamansi, quezo de bola, cookie dough, coco rum, dark rum, and classic truffle.

Here I sit, writing this while eating truffles and listening to Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” The truffles are incredible. They melt in my mouth and taste like happiness.

Disclosure: I only ate the two dark chocolate ones because devouring six in one sitting is way too many.

Risa Chocolates review- dark chocolate coffee

This is the dark chocolate coffee bar.

When I opened the dark chocolate coffee bar, a deliciously rich smell wafted up and made my mouth water. I bit into it and it was scrumptious. It’s bitter, earthy, semisweet, and smooth.

Rating: 5/5, would buy again and the price is very reasonable

Risa chocolates:
website – http://risa.ph/
facebook – https://www.facebook.com/risachocolate

Special note: This is a fully independent review. I have no relationship with Risa Chocolates or Marketa. I bought all the items here with my own money.

Today’s writing prompt:

Modern Families -“If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?”

I think they would find the internet extremely shocking! Like “what, you use this box to talk to people you don’t know? why?” Even if they could accept the technology part of the internet, I think they would be shocked at all the things that happen on the internet.

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