Bruges Belgian Chocolates Review

I recently bought Bruges Belgian Chocolates ( online. On their website, the handmade chocolates are so beautiful but the proof is in the eating. Do they taste as good as they look?

Bruges Belgian Chocolates Review

I ordered a 12 count box of their mint chocolates because mint is my favorite flavor.

My mom was quite surprised when she saw the delivery because she thought it was an enormous box of chocolate. The package looked big enough to contain three pairs of shoes. However, the package was just large cardboard box packed with Styrofoam on all sides and with two frozen gel packs on the top and bottom. This was to keep the items cold so the chocolates wouldn’t melt.

When the small box of chocolates was revealed, mother was like “oh my gosh it’s so small!”

It’s actually not small, it’s just a regular sized box with 12 mint chocolates inside. I really appreciate that they went through all this effort. I have had candies and chocolates delivered before that got melted before I was able to eat them so this was great. I wish the other chocolate sellers would also pack their product so thoughtfully.

Bruges Chocolates - Mint Pralines

This is “The M Collection” (PHP 789.00)

The box is super nice! I really like the cool green color and classic design. It looks like something I could gift to people and they would think that it’s worth a lot.

The box contains 12 mint pralines with 64% dark chocolate. Mint is a strategic choice for me. You see, mint with dark chocolate is an acquired taste because of it’s mix of bitter dark chocolate flavor and the cool/spicy mint. This is combination that makes the other people in my family want to hurl which is wonderful for me – no sharing! If I wanted to share, I would order their assorted pralines or caramel pralines, those are probably better crowd-pleasers.

bruges belgian chocolates review

The chocolates looked beautiful in the box and on the website pictures but the item I got was not as perfect as the advertising images. Above is the item as pictured on their product page. Below is what I got. So this is the difference between advertising and reality!

Bruges Chocolates Review

Having said that, the chocolates I got are actually still very nice-looking, they just aren’t perfect like in the product page.

So what about the taste?

I loved it. The dark chocolate + mint combination was very good, with both elements blending harmoniously. The size of each praline is perfect, large enough to satisfy but not so big that I get scared about the calorie content of each praline. The dark chocolate is rich and velvety. The mint flavor is cool but doesn’t overpower.

Rating: 5/5, would buy again

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