Candysan Review – Sweets and Snacks from Japan

Candysan is an online store based in Japan that will deliver snacks, sweets, and collectible Gashapon items worldwide.

The nice thing about them is that they offer singles. Like, if I want to try out some potato chips from Japan, I don’t need to buy a pack of 8, I can just buy one. This is a great way to sample snacks from Japan.


This one is a baked snack that I bought from Candysan. The brand is bourbon and it’s a cake-like treat. Excellent taste, texture, and it was still slightly moist. 9/10, would buy again!


This one is my favorite – Chocolate Pocky with Azuki (red beans). It doesn’t sound too appetizing but I was blown away by the unusual and yummy flavor when I ate it. 10/10, the most perfect Pocky flavor I have ever tried.

super mario candy

This one is a Super Mario candy. It was very ordinary tasting, just a regular piece of candy with fruit flavors. Tasted like Life Savers. The packaging is great though, and it was a hit with my 8-year-old nephew. 6/10, very ordinary but good for themed or kids parties.

As for the Candysan website, it’s very easy to navigate and buying is straightforward. They have a good number of items for sale. The type of stuff they have are: candy, snacks, gashapon toys/items, limited edition figures/plushies, bento items, etc. They have a selection of the most popular Japanese snacks such as well-known brands like Pocky, Kit Kats, Meltykiss, and those DIY candy kits. I also noticed that they have a sort of mystery grab bag for sale where they give you a selection of snacks and sweets from their inventory but I personally prefer to pick my own stuff.

3 thoughts on “Candysan Review – Sweets and Snacks from Japan

  1. What a fun and interesting blog you have. I especially like this post and recently commented elsewhere about Japanese snack items and that someone should review them, as well as services that send them! I really love the idea, for some reason. Other companies send snacks from around the world. Youtube videos watching people’s reactions are really fun to me!

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