Craving Dark Chocolate Fondue

I bought this pack of chocolate fondue (pictured below) for me, my nephew, and my niece to enjoy. Sadly, it was way too sweet! I made a mistake by choosing milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate.

chocolate fondue

Chocolate Fondue

On the other hand, this one was pretty easy to use. We do have a fondue set at home but it’s HUGE. It’s useful if you are having a party and there are 20 or more people there but it’s total overkill when it’s just the family.

This particular brand of chocolate fondue, Cocoa Monster (and isn’t that a great name?), is quite easy to use. I just got a small microwave-safe bowl, chopped the chocolate into quarters, then put in the the microwave for 20 seconds. It melted very easily.

I prepared marshmallows, cake slices, and bananas for dippers. The marshmallows with the sweet chocolate was an overload of sweetness. I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t bad at all but I really craved dark chocolate. I missed that luscious, rich, dark flavor. I guess I’m spoiled now and can’t go back to regular milk chocolate.

Also, using a regular bowl and just dipping stuff in it wasn’t as satisfying as using a chocolate fountain or a real fondue set. Next time I will have to splurge on a smaller fondue set and dark chocolate.

The kids did like it, though they haven’t asked for more so it seems that it is not something they loved a lot.

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