Trader Joe’s 100 Calorie Mini Dark Chocolate Bars

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. After a few weeks of denial and panic I settled down to read the current literature about diabetes and found out that there are a lot of myths about it that are widely believed, even by people who themselves have diabetes. Anyway, I will post about that at another time. The point is, because of my diabetes I am am now on a strict calorie-controlled diet of 1,700 calories per day. Trader Joe's Mini 70% Dark Chocolate Bars

That’s actually not too bad, is it?

The thing is, my dietician recommends snacking throughout the day so that my blood sugar doesn’t drop too low. I also should not eat too much in one sitting because that might make my blood sugar go too high. The key is to eat three medium-sized meals and three low-calorie snacks in one day.

Enter the low-calorie chocolate diet! My advice – stick to these delicious 100 Calorie Mini Dark Chocolate Bars by Trader Joe’s or any similar product.

I mean, clearly you can buy a different brand. It’s just that these bars are so convenient for me. They come in small but satisfying servings. The chocolate is 70 percent cacao so it’s smooth and very rich. A few bites are good enough for me because every bite is full of flavor.

Dark chocolate is also full of antioxidants. Just don’t eat the entire box!

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